April 7, 2017 · online music ruby my dear ep

Ginkgo EP

Ruby My Dear

Subtlety is not one the tools employed by Ruby My Dear on his new EP, Ginkgo. Tracks move from mellow to spastic and back at a dizzying pace. Once a track gets into a groove, the listener is quickly dragged from their auditory comfort zone. The melodic elements are primarily of a sampled nature and cover quite a bit of territory; Reggae, Hip-hop, Classical, and even some Opera samples are all bashed into each other (sometimes within the same track). Despite the chaos and disparate elements, the tracks do somehow fit together quite well as a whole.

With the exception of the opening track “Mashed Rope,” glitchy breakcore drums dominate the rhythms across Ginkgo’s five tracks. The drum programming throughout the release is top notch and recalls some of Squarepusher and Venetian Snares more frantic moments. All of the tracks on this release are strong but the standout for me is “Isik Iklik” which starts with a Middle Eastern vibe and is quickly transformed into a Rap/Jungle hybrid. Overall, Ruby My Dear has put together an extended player that is both fun and challenging at the same time.

by igloo

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